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Carpet Cleaning

Daily wear and tear, along with stains and soils, can lead to permanent damage of your carpet fibers. Not having your carpets regularly cleaned by professionals also increases allergens and respiratory sensitivity in your home since your carpets will trap grime, dust, and pet dander.

Quality Carpet Cleaning will renew your dirty carpets into something you can take pride in. Not only will your cleansed carpets have a pristine, fresh appearance and smell, Quality Carpet Cleaning will make sure that your carpets are thoroughly cleaned and promote a healthier environment! This deep clean effectively removes all allergens that contribute to your home’s air pollution. We achieve that deep clean with heavy extraction. Heavy extraction cleans highly soiled traffic areas and restores your carpet to it’s original appearance. Our professional carpet cleaning is performed by our well-trained technicians in a cost effective manner. Replacing all of your carpets is an unnecessary expense; call Quality Carpet Cleaning 979-690-7760 today. Our hours are flexible, and we can work around your busy schedule.